Mike Vallano
Rails Developer

About Me

With my background in technical inbound marketing, I worked a lot with developers, who I relied on to implement my recommendations.

Over the years, I saw the power of programming and knew that's what I wanted to do, so in early 2015 I decided to level-up my skills and dedicate myself to becoming a web developer.

I started learning Rails a year ago in my free time, and after building a portfolio piece I'm proud of, I'm looking for work as a web developer.

Check out my resume here.

Check out my work

My latest project highlighting my Rails skills is Flicks on Lists.

It allows users to search for movies in a variety of ways, create lists to organize movies, track what's been watched, and share lists with other users. It's quite a feature-rich app, built with a full test suite and (mostly) proper code. You can check out the repo here.

Here are a couple of other repos with older code:

  • The first Rails app I built, which has 20+ users at the company where I used to work. It is a simple app that allows coworkers to give kudos to each other. (Link)
  • Tester app using multi-tenancy as part of contributing to this open source project. (Link)

Let's chat about working together.

Contact me by email (mikevallano@gmail.com), or on the interwebs: